About Us

Team Certified is seasoned in discovering, supporting and enhancing the synergies that make your team unique. We have worked in many different capacities, and have supported various teams including Non-Profit, Corporate, Small Business and Athletic organizations. Providing team support is a specialty, and our support experience includes:
Program Facilitation
Our programs are unique, engaging, motivating and are built with execution in mind. Programs will break down the silos that isolate team members, and expose the motivating factors that will propel your team forward. Facilitation requires presence, and a tactical plan to keep groups on track within their current performance plans.
Coaching Leadership
Meeting team objectives and achieving overall success are a function of planning, refinement, execution and performance management legacies. Programs built for groups are tailored to enhance individual commitment to a vision as supported by existing leadership.
Working with teams requires an understanding and focus of the greatest resource of all – people. Performance management requires personnel support and development, and a plan that can has contributions from both team leader and team members.
Instructional Design
This is the fun part, building programs that will give life to your objectives. Programs designs are a blended solution combining both individual work, discussion based learning, and facilitated larger group discovery.
Project Management
Each program is a treated as a project with its own unique criteria, and an opportunity to provide creative, specific and worthwhile solutions to a given team. Timely planning, attention to milestones, and follow up are essential to the process.