Tour de Delta

Rob worked hard to create a presentation that focussed on the challenges faced by our volunteers. His presentation was engaging, creative and integrated the needs of all teams involved. He took 300 people and brought them all together towards a common purpose. His genuine efforts were appreciated.
~ Michelle Hebein, Volunteer Director

PC Tech

Team Certified and Rob delivered a great program for our team at PC Tech.  I could see that our staff were somewhat guarded right through the lead up to scheduled workshop.  But once the program got rolling, I could see that people could see the value of the discussion.  In fact, witnessing this unique and engaging approach to team training, I was pleased with how Rob was able to bring to light all of my concerns.  So instead of me sending out more memos, or having a straight to the point meeting where some people could have been easily offended, the approach was effective at addressing my concerns with our vision and performance.

~ Jas Sandhu, Owner/Business Developer